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Careers - Industrial Engineer

Title: Industrial Engineer

Employer: SHRIN LLC

Worksite: 900 E. Arlee Place, Anaheim, CA 92805


Design, develop, analyze and improve integrated systems for managing industrial production processes, including production planning, efficiency improvement, inventory control, cost analysis, logistics system, material flow, forecasting, ERP, etc.     

Improve the existing production process by performing capacity analysis and material flow analysis; research and evaluate features of machines and equipment, and property of raw materials. Develop and recommend solutions to improve process efficiency from an industrial engineer’s point of view.     

Evaluate and improve production process for New Product Introduction (NPI) projects. Review and analyze process on the product level; identify viable solutions to optimize the process by modifying material form factor or product designs.     

Provide advanced production planning and scheduling. Deploy Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) report based on the output from demand forecast; ensure efficient delivery of goods.     

Generate customer demand forecast by applying classic time series forecasting models, combining with event forecasting, new product forecasting, and scenario forecasting; produce the most accurate forecast possible.     

Design and continuously improve logistics system performance. Analyze and develop the optimal freight model and route to move a large variety of raw materials and finished goods across borders, including but not limited to FCL ocean freight, LCL ocean freight, air freight, express courier, and intermodal transportation.     

Constantly make improvements on product packaging and details, following the industry best practice. Ensure products and packages stay in good shape during long period of ocean transportation and long-term storage; ensure ease of handling for warehouse staff.    

Design and develop company-wide inventory control strategies. Perform ABC analysis to categorize the impacts SKUs have on the overall inventory cost.     

Set up inventory replenishment parameters for economic order quantity, reorder point, reorder quantity, safety stock, and service level, minimizing overall replenishment costs and the possibility of material stockout.    

Improve SKUs distribution on the warehouse floor to optimize material flow and reduce travel distance. Determine types of racking system for new warehouse projects; make recommendations on layout and material flow; calculate storage capacity and efficiency.    

Manage and coordinate new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation projects on additional modules and features. Assess and determine new modules and features of ERP software for production expansion projects. Determine detail requirements and send specifications to ERP software implementation team; verify that deliverables meet the pre-defined objectives.     


Minimum Requirements:

Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering or related.

Courses taken in Production Planning and Scheduling, and Inventory Systems.


How to Apply:

Send resume, cover letter, and transcript to: