Premium Car Duster

Images represent the fabric, color, and fitment - not the shape of your specific vehicle.

Premium Car Duster

Car Duster - Large

Made and shipped in days. Based on product and material selected.

Tired of a build-up of dust making your car look dirty between wash? If so than our premium car duster is the perfect solution. Our specially designed wax-coated fibers attract and hold dust particles to restore the shine of your vehicle. In just minutes, our car duster will remove all loose dust from your car and give it that look you want.

Lifetime Warranty

Our covers are made-to-order and, like most companies, Coverking production is impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and delays. Please know that manufacturing and shipping your order is our top priority, though Ballistic and Leatherette Seat Covers may take about 6 weeks. If you need a quality cover product, Coverking is worth the wait.

Custom Car Covers

3-5 Business Days

Production times are not guaranteed. After purchase, you can track the progress of your order through production.

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