Car Cover Lock and Cable Kit

Images represent the fabric, color, and fitment - not the shape of your specific vehicle.

Car Cover Lock and Cable Kit

  •  Prevent theft of your custom-fit cover
  •  Easily slides through grommets holes on cover

Made and shipped in days. Based on product and material selected.

Prevent theft of your custom-fit outdoor cover with Coverking's extra sturdy lock and cable kit set. The cable slides easily through the security grommets built into each of Coverking’s custom-fit outdoor car covers.

Lifetime Warranty

Our covers are made-to-order and, like most companies, Coverking production is impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and delays. Please know that manufacturing and shipping your order is our top priority, though Ballistic and Leatherette Seat Covers may take about 6 weeks. If you need a quality cover product, Coverking is worth the wait.

Custom Car Covers

3-5 Business Days

Production times are not guaranteed. After purchase, you can track the progress of your order through production.

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