Realtree® Camo Seat Covers

Starting at $307.99

Images represent the fabric, color, and fitment - not the shape of your specific vehicle.

Realtree® Camo Seat Covers

Starting at $307.99
  •  Featuring genuine Realtree Advantage Timber, AP, Hardwoods & Max-4
  •  Made from Neosupreme for insulation and comfort
  •  UV treated to resist rotting, mildew and stains 
  •  Soft cushioned insulation adds to the comfort of your ride
  •  An installation tool designed specifically to install seat covers - to safely tuck fabric, to pass straps through hard to reach places and more
  •  Two seat anchor traction pads to prevent your covers from shifting during use
  •  Kevlar glove to protect installer from sharp edges and mechanisms under the seat
  •  Safety glasses to protect installer from straps under tension and other hazards
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2 Year Warranty


For the hunting enthusiasts, Coverking’s Neosupreme Seat Covers now feature the unparalleled depth, look and contrast of the Real Tree Camo. Now you can get exclusive Advantage Timber, AP, Hardwoods & Max-4 designs. Every stump, branch and leaf adds to the incredible realism and detail not seen in other traditional camouflage. Real Tree designs feature natural foliage including cattails, millet, milo, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak, maple leaves, cedar, oak and a variety of other plant life. These seat covers are also quite versatile in function. Made from our Neosupreme material, each cover offers the unique soft and gentle feel while providing superb seat protection. Since these covers are custom made, each cover will install with ease for a snug fit. Each row of seats includes headrest, armrest, center console (split bench rows only), air bag cutouts and map pockets where applicable.

    • Custom manufactured to the exact specifications of your seats
    • Available for front, middle and rear seat rows
    • Includes headrest, armrest and console covers (split bench rows only), airbags cutouts and map pockets
    Designed and Engineered in USA
    Polycotton Drill Seat Cover Features Realtree® A Perfect Fit Guaranteed. Designed for your seat now specifically for an unbeatable look and performance. consoles Shape Path consoles are Shape Path Protective Barrier. Shield your seats from wear, stains, UV rays and more while personalizing your interior. OEM Seam Lines. Unlike other seat covers, Skanda mimics the seams found in your stock seat so the seat covers look native in their environment. Non-Slip Membrane. Traction pads keep seat bottom cover securely in place and ready for interrupted use in the field. Quick Installation. Individual slip-covers slide over your seat and velcro, buckle, or zipper in place. Quality Hardware. Purpose-built and sourced hardware including YKK™ zippers and Velcro™ ensure a long service life. Installation Kit. Each row comes with everything you need for a smooth and safe installation including installation tool and protective gear. Made In USA. Proudly crafted to order in California, USA. Installation Videos. Vehicle specific step-by-step videos available for popular models. Seat Functions Preserved. Engineered around your seat features including folding, moving, sliding, controls, armrests, airbags, heat/cool. Standard Map Pockets. Integrated, full-width, seat-back storage pockets come standard.
    What makes Coverking Custom Seat Covers the best?

    Coverking takes pride in every step of the process, from quality materials to the best engineered patterns. We could talk all day about why we think our product is best, but instead, we ordered some other "custom" seat covers and did some side-by-side comparison so you can see the stark differences yourself.

    • Return for 30 Days
      If you're not completely satisfied, send it back.
    • Designed and Engineered in USA
      Coverking custom seat covers are made-to-order with designs and engineering done in USA.
    • Installation Videos
      Coverking has step-by-step installation videos for popular vehicles.
    • Best Warranty
      Coverking stands behind it's products with repair/replace warranty.
    • Sturdy Buckles
      Coverking engineered buckles and straps for the best performance.
    • YKK® Zippers
      Coverking seat covers utilize name brand zippers, Velcro™, and other hardware.
    • Traction Pads
      Included to keep your seat cover bottom anchored in place during use.
    • Installation Tool
      Coverking's included installation tool makes the installation even easier.
    • Safety Kit
      Coverking includes safety glasses and glove with each order.
    • Post Warranty Care
      After your warranty ends, Coverking will still repair or replace your product.
    Cleaning Your Neosupreme Seat Cover
    Included Seat Cover Installation Kit
    True Custom Patterns

    All of our covers are digitally scanned using 3D- imaging equipment to produce a true custom fit. We also have the largest collection of patterns for all make and models. Our engineers spend weeks refining and perfecting patterns specifically for your seats, headrests and center-consoles. Each custom pattern is tested for precise fit and durability. The design process is a art-form - we have to balance and make sure the covers are easy to install while creating the best possible fit possible. All of our patterns are engineered to meet this goal.

    Perfecting our craft

    We were founded in 1986 by an industrial and electrical engineer who worked in Southern California's aerospace defense industry. Applying engineering and science, Coverking started using the most sophisticated technology in the field to create dash covers. Using computer aided designs (CAD), we started to perfect the process and expand our product line to include car covers, seat covers and other automotive accessories. Till this day, we are still looking for new ways to re-invent the industry in design, style and function.

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