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Custom Vehicle Cover Installation Instructions

Installation and Care

Before Installation:

-Read entire installation instructions before proceeding

-Make sure vehicle is clean and dry

-Check for any sharp objects on the vehicle that may damage the cover.

chevrolet grand sport

1. Unroll Cover from front to back                       

2. Unfold Outward

(first, install mirror pockets over rear view mirrors, if applicable) 

3. Pull Cover over Front and Rear Bumpers

(the elastic will keep the cover in place under normal conditions)

4. Secure with OPTIONAL Lock & Cable Kit for added security

(Using the built-in grommets- outdoor materials only)

5. Removal

-Fold up both sides of the cover onto the top of the vehicle into a long strip (2' wide)

-Start at the rear and roll cover toward the front.

-Store the cover in a storage bag when not in use.

6. Vehicle Cover Care


-DO NOT machine wash Satin Stretch vehicle covers - hand wash or dry clean only.

-All other vehicle covers should be ONLY washed in a commercial machine, on cold, with mild detergent.

-DO NOT place in a dryer - air dry only

-To wash by hand, Install the cover on your vehicle in a shaded area and hose off any loose dirt.  If necessary, wash it further with a soft sponge or cloth soaked in mild, bio-degradable cleaner.  Hose it down again and hang to air dry.  To clean the inside, simply install the cover inside-out and follow the same steps.

-To repair small punctures, seal with Shoo Goo 2 (available at most sporting goods stores)  


-Do not cover a recently painted vehicle immediately. Check with your painter or body shop for recommended cure time. Premature use of a cover in this situation could result in damage to repainted surfaces or lacquer paint. Coverking is not liable for this damage.

-Do not cover a wet vehicle

-Do not cover a vehicle with convertible top down, windows or sunroof open, or T-tops removed

-Do not use a cover while trailering vehicle

-Do not remove the cover in the unusual circumstance that a layer of ice has formed between the cover and the vehicle. Pour warm water over the cover to expedite thawing, as this ice must be thawed before removal.

-Do not rely solely on the elasticized bottom of the cover in even moderate winds. 

-Utilize the integrated security grommets in any substantial wind is expected. If high wind conditions are present (30+mph), remove the cover.

-Coverking’s liability is limited upto the cost of the product’s purchase price.