Lexus2023 lexus ls infotainment usb price



Lexus is about to launch the new 2023 Lexus LS, bearing a host of new updates, including a brand-new infotainment system.


As it’s customary in the automotive world, every new model year always offers new attractive features, and the Lexus LS is no exception, the new model year brings with it an advanced infotainment system, replacing the now outdated trackpad-based setup.

The new Lexus Interface is an improvement on the well-known Toyota Audio Multimedia system, which appeared back in 2021. Next year’s Lexus customers will enjoy a high-res, anti-glare 12.3-inch touchscreen dominating the dashboard. Drivers can now interact with the system using voice commands, for example, it can be activated using the phrase “Hey Lexus.”

To make the update more interesting, Lexus added more cabin features, that includes wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and more USB ports, increasing the total to six ports. Other more advanced features include cloud-based navigation with stress-relieving techs like live traffic and points of interest, but that requires a Drive Connect subscription to unlock.



lexus2023 lexus ls infotainment usb price



In addition to that, the LS 500h trim level will receive the Lexus Teammate, which is the company’s autonomous driving system. It's a Level 2 system that allows for managing steering, braking, lane changes, dealing with traffic jams, and certain interchanges on limited-access highways. While Advanced Park can automatically park the car at a chosen spot.

Not much happened under the exterior shell, all the different engines remained unchanged. But the steering, braking, 10-speed automatic, and suspension have been modified to offer a smoother, more stable, and safer diving experience. The suspension's front and rear anti-roll bars for example were reinforced to minimize the body roll around corners. So, in short the car’s performance remains largely unchanged, all the tangible updates are around the drive in the cabin. Even the price didn’t move a lot, a slight bump of $285 is all there is. putting the new prices at:

  • LS 500: $78,685
  • LS 500 F Sport: $82,285
  • LS 500 AWD: $81,835
  • LS 500 F Sport AWD: $85,535
  • LS 500h AWD: $114,585


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