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Due to the different gas emissions regulations that are increasingly strict and that more and more countries are joining, car manufacturers have had to make radical decisions regarding the offer of some of their engines. In the case of Mercedes Benz-AMG that translated into removing the V8 option for the C and E class about a year ago.

Several web pages dedicated to talk about cars informed last month that German carmaker would like to fit the 4.0 V8 M177 twin turbo in the future C-Class and E-Class AMG, starting in 2026.

Apparently, as stated by those publications, one year after the presentation of the Mercedes-AMG C63, and with the debut of the new E63 just around the corner, the manufacturer would already be thinking about returning to its great V8 twin-turbo engine.

Of course, it would again be a plug-in hybrid or PHEV propulsion system, although the V8 block would require modifications and adjustments to comply with the new Euro 7 standard, and perhaps also to fit in the engine bay of the C and E Class.





The change from the powerful V8 biturbo engine to the new plug-in hybrid systems based on blocks of four (C63) and six cylinders (E53) does not seem to have convinced Mercedes-AMG enthusiasts, and maybe that’s why this rumor started. Do you think this could be a way to force the carmaker to return to the V8?

If those planned deadlines are met with the launch in 2026, the AMG versions with a V8 engine could remain in production well into the next decade. A curious circumstance to say the least, taking into account that Mercedes-Benz committed to being a fully electric brand by 2030 in markets where conditions "allow it."

But don't get too excited, my dear readers, because, although the rumor indicated that the V8 would return to the ring, the brand denied it. A German magazine called Auto Motor Und Sport carried out its own investigation and, being from the same country, surely has closer sources. These sources informed them that there is no intention on the manufacturer side to return to the V8 and that what was published only corresponds to “nonsense” and that it is an “absolutely unfounded” statement.



Eight-cylinderEight-cylinder M 177 engine



But why is this biturbo V8 engine so missed?

As per Mercedes-AMG, it is a technological masterpiece, developed and designed for the maximum performance.

This eight-cylinder unit is well known for its power delivery, lightweight construction, along with its high efficiency and low environmental impact.

With a maximum power of up to 375 kW (510 HP) and a maximum torque of up to 650 Nm, the AMG V8 offers performance inspired by top notch motor racing.

The German brand continues the tradition that began in 1967 with the M100 V8 engine of the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG, a legendary racing car.

Then, my dears, I think the news about the V8 return is still to be developed, because I think that there’s no smoke without fire! So, let’s see what happens next.

Ok then, having nothing else to say, I want to remind you this, with your feet on earth while reaching your dreams!