convertibleMini convertible seaside edition



The all-new Mini Convertible has not just an attractive, more youthful exterior design, but also a history of the original Mini soft top.


The 2023 Mini Convertible Seaside Edition is a celebration of 30 years of the original, drophead design of this classic and handsome Mini. The convertible takes on its most characteristic form, with a black roof, chrome trim, and fittings as per the Mini tradition. All the standard benefits of such a car — new feature elements, etc. — are present.



MiniMini convertible seaside edition



The new Convertible Seaside Edition is the perfect blend of classic design and technological innovation. The exterior features a blue bumper that, along with the stylized number 30 in all-blue paint, showcases the heritage of the brand's most popular models. On the side vent, the Seaside edition of the new Mini is displayed in a graphic with the word "Seaside" in orange. 

The 2023 Mini Convertible Seaside Edition also comes with an eye-catching blue half of the key fob and an exclusive artwork featuring the word “Seaside” hidden behind it. Moving to the interior, it showcases 30 years of Mini soft tops in Carbon Black leather, which features the orange Seaside on the sport steering wheel.



convertibleMini convertible seaside edition



Offering the same iconic exterior, luxurious interior, and smooth, economical driving experience as all other Minis, enthusiasts will find that the various equipment levels of this special edition model have been further upgraded to give it a unique nautical look. This 2023 Mini Convertible Seaside Edition is without a doubt the result of more than 30 years of the iconic Mini soft top heritage. It will be available in early February 2023 on the Cooper and the Cooper S.

In an effort to make the new generation of Minis even more special, every single part of the new Mini Convertible is designed to enhance its appearance and appeal. From the subtle stripes that run along its flanks to the Seaside Edition's cut-off trim, this is a car that has been created with little bits of artistry carefully woven into its DNA.

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