The new pony car2024 ford mustang motor1 rendering



The new pony car from Ford will make a lot of noise. Don't miss your chance to hear the v8 sing in the latest teaser for what will be one of the hottest releases in car market history.


We've been waiting anxiously to hear the sound of a new V8 in the 2024 Ford Mustang and it’s coming soon. According to Ford, the announcement will happen on September 14, during the New York Auto Show.






In January 2022, we were able to hear the new V8-powered Mustang in the real world. The exhaust note on this prototype was also quite aggressive. 

The power plant is reportedly based on the current 5.0-liter engine and is likely to be tuned differently to produce an aggressive sound. The new Mustang will be equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox in order to make it more suitable for performance enthusiasts and will use the same 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder as the current one. However, the rumors about its engine persist; numerous automotive industry experts predict that Ford could be considering a hybrid variant.




The all-new Mustang2024 ford mustang motor1 rendering



The all-new Mustang is expected to look much like the previous generation, with a retro design that includes cues from past models. What we can expect is that it keeps a similar engineering diet with improved performance.

The automaker has also announced a cross-country drive that will feature the 2024 model year Mustang which will take place between Tacoma, Washington, and Detroit, Michigan. The trip will feature several classic examples of the Mustang along for the ride and will provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to learn more about the new model.

Combining the classic pony-car simplicity with a sleek, modern look, the next generation Mustang will have you wanting one, to say the least. It looks like this pony car is set to have its best year in decades, and with competition coming from both within and without, it has no choice but being a better ride for those looking for speed.

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