MercedesMercedes glb spy shots



It seems Mercedes-Benz's next generation GLB coupe is almost ready to hit the roads and new spy shots showing it with a minor facelift.



Mercedes-Benz is one of the few automakers that actually designs their vehicles from idea to prototype on the road and it seems like Mercedes will be continuing to follow this trend because its new GLB is getting close to production. In fact, the next generation of the GLB has been caught testing in the snow and on public roads in Europe. It might be one of its best-looking cars—the GLB is a looker, with a sleek and sculpted exterior.

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLB caught on public roads in new spy shots. Clearly, it will be a welcomed addition to the carmaker’s current lineup. The Rose Gold Metallic exterior is a good addition, which will certainly catch more eyes on roads. Concerning these photos, we can see that the car's nose will be smoothed off a bit, with fewer creases in the lower fascia and we’re expecting a grille that is a bit flusher with the molded bumper.



MercedesMercedes glb spy shots



Mercedes' GLB is expected to offer a new 48-volt mild hybrid backbone for its powertrain. The automaker is also looking at an updated MBUX infotainment system for the model. Obviously, the changes are part of a long-term strategy aimed at making the car more efficient and comfortable while also increasing range. Concerning the 48V setups, it enables Mercedes to produce cars that have no internal combustion engine at all and are powered by electricity only. This will allow the automaker to reduce fuel costs and emissions while simultaneously increasing the range between charges.

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