Hybrid Tonale



The new Alfa Romeo Tonale will come to North America only in the Q4 PHEV form, disregarding anterior promises of bringing in a non-hybrid version.


The hybrid Tonale SUV debuted this week in Europe, joining its sibling, the front-wheel drive mild-hybrid Tonale. And while American consumers were waiting for another non-hybrid, 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four version, the Italian carmaker had a sudden change of heart.

The promised non-hybrid Tonale was supposed to be all-wheel drive, similar to the Dodge Hornet, its production twin. This particular powertrain makes 256 hp and works with a nine-speed automatic transmission.




But why is the 2.0-liter turbocharged so important to the American market, despite that the PHEV is effectively more powerful?

The combined output of the gas engine and the electric motor can reach up to 276 hp. Twenty more than the conventional inline-four. This combined force pushes the Tonale from a standstill to 62 mph in 6.2 seconds. Putting it on par with the pure gas version. But the Ace up the hybrid's sleeve is its ability to travel 50 miles on pure electric power.

The claimed reason behind Alfa’s decision, according to an official statement, is its obligation to comply with the new and more strict CO2 emission regulations in certain states. But the unofficial reason may be Alfa Romeo’s desire to distinguish its new car from the very similar Dodge Hornet, which is an already established car model in the American market.



Hybrid Tonale


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