Aston Martin In Great Shape To Build Its Own F1 Engines


Formula one is aiming to introduce new engine regulation in 2026, making it more accessible for additional teams to participate. Due to the regulation changes, Audi has shown increased interest in the sport, while Porsche is said to be almost finalizing a contract with Red bull starting in 2026. The F1 team has also mentioned that it may bring its powertrain design in-house. 

Motorsport spoke to Aston Martin F1’s staff principal lately, and he hinted at the possibility of ditching Mercedes in favor of an Aston-built engine.

"First of all, I have to say we are happy with the engine partner that we're having," said Krack. "But we have a new set of regulations coming for 2026.

"I think it's normal for brands like Aston Martin that if there are new power unit regulations that you have a look into them, that you carefully investigate if this is strategically the right thing," added Krack.

Formula one will eliminate one of the two battery charging mechanisms currently used in powertrains while maintaining the brake system, which is less expensive to design.


Aston Martin In Great Shape To Build Its Own F1 Engines


With a growing emphasis on high-tech race cars, the fastest car in a straight line was no longer enough to win, a car’s abilities needed to shine during a corner or hairpin as well. What makes Formula One so unique is the way it brings racing and technology together.

Overall, this is a very exciting development for the sport and we can't wait to see how it all plays out! 

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