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Argo, the Canadian extreme terrain vehicles manufacturer, launches Atlas, the 8×8 XTV, the first fully electric amphibious vehicle. 


The world stage is starting to get crowded with all the new EVs carmakers are launching every week. To the point where consumers may get bored because it’s just more of the same, right? Well, not for Argo, the specialized extreme vehicle maker launched a very special EV that can take you off the road, off the land entirely and directly into the water! That is something we’re used to seeing with military vehicles only, but Argo had made it accessible for everyone. So if you love cruising around lakes and swampy lands, you care about the environment, and you’ve got $50,000 to spare, Atlas is the perfect vehicle for you.

After a series of ICE special vehicles, Argo made the first full EV and equipped it with a 28 kWh powering a 107 kW motor. This amount of power might not be enough for long-distance travel, but with a top speed of 25 mph on land and 3 mph on water, it should be more than enough.

On land, Atlas EV can hold four passengers, but the number is reduced to only two on water, due to weight capacity considerations; as a car, it can carry 437 lb and only 237 lb as a boat. 

Atlas can be a very useful vehicle in certain situations and not just a recreational one; the company equipped it with a 3,000-lb. winch, subtly peeping out the front to avoid messing up the sleek design of the vehicle. It also has a 12-inch touchscreen, Argo described the infotainment system as follows:“ Acting as a command center for the Atlas EV, the centralized 12-inch touch screen is integrated with vehicle location technology, intelligent terrain mapping, on-demand vehicle health reporting, inclinometer, rearview back-up camera, hi and lo beam indicator and digital gear indicator. This comprehensive display offers a whole new meaning to “bells and whistles.”




Argo1Amphibious electric vehicle argo atlas ev



Argo admits that the $50,000 price tag may sound too much for some customers, especially when they see that the most expensive vehicle from the same brand costs $15,000 less. 

But still, it’s not every day that you get an EV amphibious 8x8, no matter how much you pay! 

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