Volvo is known for offering us stylish and safe vehicles. But it’s also known for offering more than one option when it comes to its sedans. The automaker offers everything from the regular trim to the performance-tuned S60 R. Now, Volvo is mixing things up a bit with a new trim level — It is rolling out an all-black edition of its S60 sedan for 2022.

The new model takes all the standard features from the R-Design model and adds more black paint, more black trim pieces, and an overall more sinister appearance.




The best part is that, despite providing less than 450 carsonly with the Black Edition's signature high-gloss black accents, trim, and exhaust tips, Volvo is making it available on a range of trim levels.

Upfront, the grille, grille slash, and the Volvo logo are all rendered in gloss black. Along the body sides, the wheel arches and window trim receive the same treatment, as do the standard, triple-five-spoke 19-inch wheels.

This appearance package was designed in California at the automaker's US design studio, and the Black Edition will roll off the assembly line at Volvo's factory in Ridgeville, South Carolina, it was created specifically for the US market.

The Black treatment does make the S60 look sharper and adds some great styling to an already beautiful car.

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