BentleyBentley tests its first production batur in a gorgeous purple



The first Bentley Batur production model is out, the car will go on a long testing journey wearing an eye-catching, head-turning purple finish.


We discovered the new 2023 Bentley Batur for the first time during this year’s Pebble Beach car show. The car will be a very exclusive model, with only 18 units planned for production. The $1.95 million price tag can be justified by the mere exclusivity of the car, the powerful twin-turbocharged W12, and the 730-horsepower reined under the hood.

But before any of the 18 cars can be delivered, two test models will have to undergo a grueling 58-week-long test period. The purple jewel in the pictures here is also known as number 0 or Purple Sector, this particular car will have to endure 120 individual tests before deliveries start next year.

As a start, the Batur will crisscross Western Europe in a 1,600-mile journey that will simulate real-life driving conditions, allowing Bentley to assess the car’s real performance. After driving through Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, Car 0 will drive back to Bentley's testing grounds to complete its examination process. The procedure will include an additional 4,700 mile-drive and 600 hours in a solar oven, to simulate sitting under the burning sun for five years.



BentleyBentley tests its first production batur in a gorgeous purple



Paul Williams, Chief Technical Officer for Mulliner explained that the Batur brings with it a lot of new equipment and yet untested features, that’s why the UK-based carmaker feels the need for an unprecedented harsh testing process just to make sure that everything is up to the customers’ expectations.

He said: “There are a number of unique features that bring new challenges,”, “For example, the exterior headlamps are very compact LED units and made to our styling teams' challenging proportions, which transforms the exterior appearance of the car but are complex to produce. We're also working with the most powerful development of the W12 in its 20-year history, which brings an enormous validation program.”

The only sad note in this entire story is that the spectacular purple car will eventually be dismantled or crushed, simply because you can’t have 20 cars on an exclusive 18 cars production run. Each of the 18 models will be completely custom-made according to the customers' whims and preferences, consequently, each of the 18 Baturs will be completely different in terms of colors and finishing materials. So, our only hope is that one of the 18 final models will have a similar flamboyant finish to our car here, just to remind us of the purple car that will be sacrificed on the car’s industry altar.

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