Bentley Mulliner Batur Monterey Car Week Debut Plans


The public is about to witness a new ultra-luxurious creation from Bentley, the Mulliner Batur will be revealed at this year's Monterey Car Week.

Hot on the heels of the Bacalar Speedster, Bentley isn’t waiting for long. The Mulliner Batur will be unveiled in California on August 20th, during the Monterey Car Week event in Monterey, in anticipation of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Ahead of the awaited reveal, Bentley has treated its fans to a single teaser image, showing a portion of the car’s grill. However, a few interesting details are hard to miss, like the red detailing on the grill, and the more prominent spear dividing the right and left sides. Unfortunately, the photo leaves a lot of room for imagination, there’s no hint on the general car shape or its chosen segment.

Bentley seems fond of exotic bodies of water these days; the Bacalar was first named after a clear lake in Quintana Roo, Mexico; and nd now the Batur took the name of 288 feet deep Crater Lake located in the Kintamani district of Bali, Indonesia.

The Mulliner Batur is considered to be Bentley’s gateway to the electric era, the company has received a lot of criticism in the past for its considerable carbon footprint, but to Bentley’s credit, it has done a considerable effort to transform itself into a green car maker, mainly by radically changing its production process. The next step is making pure electric luxury cars, and the Mulliner Batur will surely be the showcase of what that would look like in the future.

If Bentley decides to sell the car as a limited edition then millionaires should be already standing ready with checkbook in hand! Experts estimate the price to be close to Bacalar's $1.9 million.

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