centuryPertone reveals 1100 hp supercar that runs on plastic



The century-old Bertone revealed a new hit design, the new GB110 (centodieci) is a supercar that runs on plastic.


As a celebration for the 110th anniversary, the world-renowned design house, Bertone, wanted to make something more original, even more than the Lamborghini Countach and Lancia Stratos that have both taken shape on the studio’s drawing board.

The new GB110 was first teased earlier this year, promising an ambitious 1,100 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque. The car is still shrouded in a veil of secrecy, and there are still a lot of missing details, but today we’ve come to know the new model a little better.

Making 1100 horsepower is not an easy feat, it requires a special robust engine, an engine that we know so little about. Bertone was content with sharing only the most striking features, the output, and the possibility of using a synthetic fuel made out of plastic, instead of regular gas.  Other crucial details like cylinder count, displacement, or aspiration are all obscured for now.

To get a sense of the car’s speed and performance, Bertone said that the GB110 can make the 62 mph run in 2.79 seconds. And double that speed in 6.79 seconds until eventually reach a top speed of 236 mph. To achieve that, the carmaker coupled the engine with a seven-speed transmission in an all-wheel-drive setup.






Bertone ensured that the car’s design is compliant with the Euro 6 regulations. Other details specify that the wheelbase measures 103.5 inches. Supported with a set of 21-/22-inch wheels which are in turn covered in 335/25 rear and 255/30 front tires.  The car’s skeleton also features double wishbone suspension with coil springs and four-way adjustable anti-roll bars.

Back to the exterior design, the GB110 is quite elegant, showing a sleek curved body that screams “Bertone”. The general configuration however is reminiscent of previous car designs, namely the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Huracan, taking the mid-engined setup from the former and the pointy nose and ascending body from the latter.

Things are a lot different on the interior. Clearly, the designers didn’t settle on a final design yet. All we have for now are two radically different initial sketches, with nothing resembling a final production-ready design.

“The GB110 is continuing Bertone's automotive legacy and is a contemporary interpretation of the Bertone DNA,” says project and design manager Giovanni Sapio. “It's paying homage to pioneering Bertone designs from the 50's and 70's, merging the soft, rounded lines of the 50s with 70's style sharp edges.”

Bertone says that it will only make 33 samples, giving the car a touch of exclusivity. Scheduled for Spring 2024, the actual launch date is still more than one year away, which is plenty of time to settle on a final design and resolve all the lingering details. Bertone is a big name in the car industry, and that means a lot of pressure to constantly deliver awesome cars. Some may say that the GB110 as portrayed now is too ambitious, but we should at least keep faith with Bertone until next year and see what happens.

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