BMW Final i3 Deliveries


BMW is ceasing production of the famous i3. The German carmaker honored the departing car in a special ceremony, held At Munich Museum.

18 final models were present at the ceremony, all featuring the gold and black color scheme. These final i3 models were actually produced back in June when the production officially stopped after more than 8 years since the official debut. The last lucky customers drove their new cars directly from Munich Museum after the ceremony ended.

The i3 was a fairly successful car by all metrics; BMW sold more than a quarter million units in 74 countries all over the world. The public loved the i3 mainly because of its original design and small size, perfectly adapted to crowded city roads. It’s also considered one of the first successful production EV models, offering both PHEV and full EV variants. The i3 was sold here in the US as well, with the top trim starting at $48,645.

BMW said farewell to the car in an official statement, emphasizing what the model represented at the start of its production and in the course of its lifetime:

"At the start of its series production eight and a half years ago, it was considered a visionary and exotic. Since then, the compact vehicle with electric drive has established itself as a pioneer for locally emission-free driving pleasure and holistic sustainability."

So, the i3 as we know it is no more, but the name will live on in China. It will be held by an electric version of the 3-Series sold only in the People’s Republic.

BMW is already filling the gap that the i3 will leave behind in Europe and North America; the replacement model will be the iX1, a small crossover with a range of 272 miles, certainly a good upgrade from the i3, with more space, more practicality, and more advanced technology.

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