BMW Neue Klasse EVs Will Have Up To 1,341 HP

 BMW Neue Klasse EVs Will Have Up To 1,341 HP, 75-150 kWh Batteries



BMW shares more details about the upcoming Neue Klasse (New Class) EV-dedicated platform.


The brand relies on its revolutionary platform to pave the road to success for all its future EVs. The platform will first appear under the 2025 i3 model and a new sporty SUV. BMW predicts that the Neue Klasse platform will underpin more than half the brand’s global sales by 2030.  

BMW revealed that the Neue Klasse EVs will feature a host of new features, powered by cutting-edge technology, which will allow them to take a bigger share of the future EV market. 



BMW Neue Klasse EVs Will Have Up To 1,341 HP, 75-150 kWh Batteries

BMW Neue Klasse EVs Will Have Up To 1,341 HP, 75-150 kWh Batteries



Frank Weber, BMW’s chief technology officer, said that the Neue Klasse platform will use new generations of battery and electric motor tech that will constitute a "huge technology leap,". He also talked about a new «pack-to-open-body» concept, a new feature that will allow the carmaker to adapt its battery sizes to fit various models. This feature is only possible after ditching the prismatic batteries and using round ones instead. 

The new customization possibilities will allow BMW to design an extremely varied EV lineup without worrying about the adaptability of the platform. 

The company is already working on that, the Neue Klasse lineup will include several 1 Series-sized passenger cars beside larger SUVs like the full-size X7. These new models will have a significant advantage over the competition thanks to the performance enhancements offered by the new platform, the Neue Klasse offers a 20 percent higher energy density, 30 percent better packaging efficiency, up to 30 percent more range, and up to 30 percent quicker charging, compared to current EV models.

The new cell also offers manufacturing and environmental advantages; they are  20 percent lighter, 50 percent cheaper, and can lower production-related CO2 emissions by 60 percent. All of that sounds great, but what about power and performance? What will happen to the BMW M series, for example? 

The brand says that the Neue Klasse platform will be able to produce an amazing output that ranges from 268 horsepower up to 1.341 horsepower, thanks to its ability to receive 4 motors at the same time. In fact, BMW is testing the dedicated electric M car powered by a prototype of the Neue Klasse platform.

The range is another strong point of the new technology, the platform can offer up to 621 miles (1,000 kilometers) of range, depending on the battery capacity. 

With that said, Weber and his team seem convinced that more battery capacity is not the ultimate answer for sustainable mobility, "because the size and weight penalty is counter-productive."he said.That’s why carmakers should keep working on finding new and better technologies.


BMW promises a lot of other styling surprises during the awaited 2023 preview of the platform, at the CES 2023 in January. Weber described it as a "breakthrough effort which leaves no stone unturned."


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