BMW is trying to keep hydrogen technology alive, promising a working hydrogen-powered car before the decade's end.


Despite being extremely efficient as a fuel source, hydrogen remains the unlucky child of the renewable energy movement, the absence of infrastructure, and the lack of interest from carmakers hindered its development for years. However, with all that being said, BMW is still holding on to hydrogen and is now promising a viable hydrogen-powered car before the decade is out. 

This was confirmed by the top man himself, Oliver Zipse, during the launch of the Rolls-Royce Spectre. He said: “We believe in hydrogen for many reasons. We believe that – and I’m speaking now from the BMW side, but that ends up being for every brand in the Group – if you want to ride emissions-free, and you do not have a charging station, this is the only possibility we have. In some areas to implement a hydrogen infrastructure is easier than an electric infrastructure, for example in areas where you don’t have any connection to a power grid. For hydrogen, you just need the tank.”



bmwBMW launch viable hydrogen car



These words emphasized the practicality of Hydrogen; it’s basically a combination of both fossil fuels and electric energy without their negative sides.

BMW has a lot of achievements in the field to back the credibility of this recent promise, the company pioneered using hydrogen as car fuel; the first experiment was conducted in 1978, and then launched the first production car, theE38 750hL, in 2000. Now, the next step for BMW will be the launch of the hydrogen-powered version of the X5 (pictured here). There’s no confirmation if this is the viable Hydrogen vehicle that the CEO is talking about, but it’s still a mass-produced car that will definitely boost the popularity of Hydrogen vehicles and maybe incite governments and private investors to further develop the necessary infrastructure. 




BMW launch viable hydrogen carBMW launch viable hydrogen car



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