BMW’sBMW will introduce us to dee at ces 2023



BMW’s “Dee” social media campaign will be revealed at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.


At the start of December 2022, BMW surprised everybody when a mysterious entity called “Dee” took over all its social media accounts. The event spurred a lot of questions and speculation. Doubts about a nefarious hacking operation were quickly rolled out, and “Dee” revealed itself as an elaborate publicity stunt from the German carmaker, but without sharing any other information. So, the question still stands, what is “Dee”?

Undoubtedly, BMW succeeded in its publicity scheme, “Dee” captured the public attention and directed it to the upcoming CES. The brand now promised to reveal the truth at the event that will take place between the 5th and 8th of January.

There are still a few days before that. So, let’s entertain ourselves with some plausible theories. The first idea that comes to mind is that Dee could be a new operating system that will run on future BMW infotainment setups. Or maybe it will replace the “hey, BMW” as a voice command key. Another possibility includes the upcoming Neue Klasse platform, Dee can be related to it in some way.

One last theory involves a famous public figure. Throughout this year, Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in several advertising campaigns for BMW, starting with the Super Bowl ad where he played Zeus. Perhaps he will play some role at the “Dee” reveal in a few days.

Anyway, whatever it is, it should be good. BMW used to make distinguished and memorable appearances at the CES. Last year, its color-changing BMW iX was the central piece of the exposition, a unique invention that made headlines for months. So, it’s safe to expect something as good or even better this year.

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