BMW'sBMWs tokyo auto salon booth will feature its biggest grille yet



BMW is known for taking risks, and that's why it's going big with its Tokyo Auto Salon booth this year.


The German automaker is undoubtedly going to be one of the most attractive automotive brands at the Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) this year. BMW's booth for the event will feature one of the brand's most polarizing designs ever. There are a lot of mixed opinions on the new grille design and what it represents for BMW.

Since M3 and M4 are two of the most beloved cars in the company's history,  BMW has created its booth inspired by their distinctive grille:  a kidney-shaped engorged version of the grille found on both models. The booth will also feature a BMW logo, and it's sure to be a sight for sore eyes. The setting is part of a strategy to attract younger and wealthier buyers with a more upscale image than the typical BMW line - and an eye towards future new models.



BMWs tokyoBMWs tokyo auto salon booth will feature its biggest grille yet



The biggest grille ever would be fitting at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, where the carmaker is showcasing its aftermarket products. BMW is also willing to show off its newest products, including a Japanese premier model and an M3 Competition xDrive, as well as a new M240i with M Performance parts.

BMW cars have long been known for their classic, elegant aesthetics. While relatively conservative compared to the wilder shapes of Japanese cars, they’re not particularly edgy either. But as the market has shifted toward youthful, modern design, BMW is embracing its role in that movement. The brand continues to embrace that new aesthetic, as evidenced by its booth at Tokyo Auto Salon – its biggest yet.

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