Candela unveils T-Top version of world’s longest-range electric powerboat



After adding a host of new features, Candela, the Swedish electric boat producer, is making sailing in its Candela C-8 T-TOP even more exciting than it already is.


Candela found a creative way to make energy-efficient electric boats, the Candela C-8 demonstrated impressive performance stats; the boat can have 2.5 hours of autonomy while going 22 knots (25 mph or 40 km/h), with the possibility to reach a top speed of 30 knots (35 mph or 55 km/h). These numbers easily made the company’s flagship a bestseller in the electric boat market. The secret behind the Candela C-8 is that in fact it flies above water instead of cruising through it, this is possible thanks to a pair of computer-controlled hydrofoils that keep the boat hull completely airborne when sailing. 

This system effectively reduces energy consumption by a whopping 80 percent compared to any other regular boat. In a real-life situation, the Polestar battery can provide enough energy to go on a trip from Miami to Key Biscayne, Florida, and back on a single charge.

This success is not enough for Candela, after perfecting the engineering part, now the company is focusing on the comfort and luxury aspect, which is if you think about it, the main purpose of the Candela C-8 after all. 

The new version is called the Candela C-8 T-TOP, the difference between the two models can be easily spotted; the newer version now sports a carbon fiber sunroof, and no, it’s not only for sun protection, although that can be considered as one of its main purposes. 




Candela unveils T-Top version of world’s longest-range electric powerboat



The addition of a hard top suddenly opens the door to endless possibilities. This design element was added to accommodate sailing enthusiasts who are into the habit of spending entire days just floating around in the open waters. The carbon fiber roof can come in handy when playing with various water toys, like stand-up paddleboards, a kayak, or even storing a significant number of fishing rods. The fun doesn't end here, because water skis would also fall into the category of equipment that the roof can support. 

The T-Top also has several dedicated spots to install more serious equipment like radar, searchlights, or a VHF antenna. It even can support interior down light and red light accessories to help with night trips. 

Speaking of nighttime, the front cabin has enough space to sleep two adults and two kids, with the added possibility of installing a marine toilet. This last set of features effectively extends the boat's usability for the entire 24 hours, instead of just daytime. 

The Candela C-8 T-TOP will cruise through American waters or rather fly over them starting January 5, 2023.

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