The C8 Chevrolet Corvette is the first in the car’s 68-year history to be mid-engined instead of front, it is also the first ‘Vette to have a folding metal roof, so we must confess, this iconic sport car always stands out even in a class full of impressive performance cars.

To keep up with the high level of this powerful machine, Coverking Custom Tailored Vehicle Covers are the number one option, which provides high protection from the demands of the great outdoors, and keeping the vehicle in pristine condition.

Coverking adapted each custom car cover to your exact vehicle for the best fit. The panels are directly tailored from the GM model surface data to deliver a pattern that hugs the contours perfectly to show off the beautifully sculpted, signature Corvette lines. Each cover is designed and sewn in the USA with premium materials.


The Coverking Advantage


The right car cover for your vehicle can make all the difference, here with Coverking, many fabric and color options are at one’s fingertips. All designed with breathable fabric so that air can circulate underneath, based on shock-absorbing layers, and waterproof material repels water to prevent moisture damage. For indoor and outdoor uses.

Coverking’s unique vehicle covers are carefully modelled and textured using 3D scan which enables absolute fit, and shapes up the car's contours perfectly, while providing the ultimate protection. Each cover comes also with mirror pockets and antenna as well. 



We must admit that less seams means more protection against leaking and failure, here at Coverking, the process of designing car covers is based on using few seams as possible to ensure high quality and durable resistance.