Chevrolet has recently filed a new pattern bearing the name of Chevrolet Cavalier, maybe in preparation for the revival of the old sedan.


Chevy halted the production of the Cavalier back in 2007, in favor of more popular models like the Cobalt and the Cruze. Contrary to the American markets, however, the cavalier remained on sale in other regions like Mexico for example. Stopping the Cavalier’s production was a logical decision based on the declining sedan sales in the United States, a decision that left only the Malibu to represent the sedan segment in Chevrolet’s lineup.

But this may be changing soon, filing this new patent may signal some plan to revive this old nameplate. Reviving a famous name after some years is a famous marketing tactic often used by carmakers, playing on their customers' nostalgic feelings.  Although we should not roll out the possibility that Chevy is only trying to secure the name for a possible future project, not necessarily an already planned one. 

Another thing that we should consider is that the Cavalier will most likely be transformed into a more modern vehicle aligned with current trends, an EV crossover for example. We have seen this happen before with the Chevy Blazer, which went from the 1969 classic truck-based SUV to a stylish EV midsize crossover, with both models having nothing in common but the name.  

The cavalier may be GM’s gateway to meeting its ambitious EV sales goals. Having a more affordable EV option in the lineup will certainly be popular among the larger public, which will result in a noticeable sales increase.

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