Lexus RZ


New details about the first-ever dedicated Lexus EV have been disclosed in a new announcement. The Lexus RZ is not the first EV produced by Lexus but it is indeed the first to have a dedicated EV platform and not just a conversion of a combustion engine car.

The long-awaited launch date was not revealed but Lexus at least stated that the new car is to be released for the public this spring, somewhere between march and June.

To add to the suspense, Lexus released new pictures for the exterior only especially the side profile and the rear end, but kept the interior details secrete, of course Lexus has the tradition of making some of the most luxurious interiors in the car industry and it is expected to keep doing so.

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The KIA EV6 stands out even with the great number of electric crossover cars in the market. its distinctive style made a lot of noise a little while after its release, thanks to the aggressive exterior lines and the advanced battery technology it holds under its hood.

Regardless of all that Kia is not satisfied, and announced a new EV6 GT which would be the most powerful KIA electric vehicle so far. this news promises a bright future for Kia’s EV production.

The car boasts a large interior typical of KIA’s SUVs, and the cabins design is as distinguishable as its exterior, with a mixture of mismatching materials and colors

The EV6 performance is as impressive as its style, with 58.0-kilowatt-hour and 167 horsepower it has a range of 232 to 310 depending on the model. With a price ranging from $48,215 to $52,115

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