Datsun Revival Fails Car Brand Officially Dies


Amidst the special situation that we have all gone through back in 2020, there was a piece of major automotive news that might have gone under the radar.

Precisely in May 2020, Toyota announced that it is putting the Datsun brand into an artificial coma. Something that the unfortunate brand has been through before.

Datsun is almost as old as cars themselves; it has made a name for itself back in the 60s with some impressive models, 1986 was the year when it has gone under for the first time. Fast forward to 2012 when it had a change of fortune.

Carlos Ghosn then-Nissan CEO saw in it the perfect candidate to be Nissan’s key of entry into emerging markets, as a low-cost brand.

However, the happy days didn’t last for long, a lot has changed since 2012. Ghosn was struggling with his own problems that forced him to leave Nissan’s Board eventually. And the new board didn’t have the same vision as he did, they decided to focus on developing their core brand, Nissan & infinity, leaving Datsun for its fate. And deciding eventually to discontinue the brand in 2020, ceasing production entirely in march 2022. 

The fact that Datsun has recovered from a similar situation before may give us some hope to see it again sometime in the future. But sometimes you wonder what’s the best fate? going forever and leaving a good legacy? or coming back in a new form that might not be as good as we expect? 

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