The Delage D12Delange-d12 speedster-f1 open top models



The Delage D12 has already drawn a lot of attention from collectors and enthusiasts. 


The D12 was one of the rare open-top supercars to be built, but that wasn't the only thing that made it appealing. The car itself epitomized elegance, power and speed. This car became unique because the designers made sure that all features were incorporated to give the driver a comfortable and satisfying experience. The Open-top design offered the driver a pleasant view, while not taking anything away from their ability to drive well.

After a long hiatus, Delage has returned to the U.S., and it's making good on its promise to return with a bang. The French brand has been given a fresh injection of energy by Laurent Tapie, who has made it his mission to sell more cars in the U.S. than in any other country.  With seven U.S. models on their way, CEO Tapie says that he's nearly done with his task of selling nine cars here.

With the introduction of the Speedster and F1 open-top models, Delage has given two new interpretations to its popular D12 model. The Speedster loses the portion of its roof aft of the windshield, exposing more of the car's body to view. The F1 features a wind deflector, which will be required when driving in inclement weather.

Delage has announced that the first 30 examples of the car will be delivered to customers in the last quarter of next year, with production commencing before the end of this year. Each of these 30 examples will cost €2 million ($1.94M U.S.).

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