Duke Energy

Duke Energy to Test Ford F-150 Lightning as a Power Grid Backup 


Duke Energy is exploring the real-life possibilities of bidirectional charging using the new Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck. 


Being in a power outage is a real inconvenience, and having a reliable power source sitting in your garage can be a real lifesaver. That’s what Duke Energy wants to examine in a new project that it will conduct in Florida. Trying to charge homes from electric vehicles using bidirectional charging technology. 


So, the high-capacity batteries of the  Ford F-150 Lightning will be put to the test in a pilot program to see its actual viability in providing regular households with a reliable power supply when the need for it rises. The results of such a pilot program can transform the energy system, especially in the most remote regions of the country. 

Duke Energy will use five trucks in the project,  focusing on their interaction with solar energy and stationary storage typically used in houses. 

The Ford Charge Station Pro and Intelligent Backup Power Home Integration System's bidirectional charging infrastructure will be used as an intermediary between the trucks’ batteries and the power grid, with electric power going back and forth between them, trying to find the optimal setup to provide the best power supply pattern for the households in question.

"We're continually testing clean energy innovations to gauge how they perform in complex real-life scenarios," said Lon Huber, Duke Energy's senior vice president of pricing and customer solutions. "Like our customers, we're excited about the prospects of these advancements, and we're working to evaluate them in controlled environments so we can find ways to maximize their value and benefits."


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