DutchDutch company transforms tesla model 3 into the ultimate eco friendly hearse



The Tesla Model 3 was turned into a hearse by the Dutch hearse maker, Derks Car Buzz.


Electric vehicles are expanding their scope of operation, finding new jobs and niches constantly. After the police force, school buses, and emergency services, electric vehicles are entering the funeral services industry.

The Tesla Model 3 is hardly the first electric car to be turned into a hearse, but it certainly is unique. Using electric cars at funerals makes a lot of sense if you think about it, when using an electric hearse, the solemn mood of the sad occasion won’t be disturbed by the rumblings of a combustion engine. On the contrary, the quietness of electric motors will add to the respectful air that should reign on such occasions.

Making a hearse is never easy, the large dimensions and the additional volume require a lot of work, and it’s always hard to find a suitable car model that is easy to transform. Derks Car Buzz, however, was determined to create their first electric hearse, no matter how hard it was. The first difficulty is the car’s length, a normal Model 3 is 218.8 inches from stem to stern, which is too short for a hearse. To put things in perspective, a regular hearse should measure 227 inches at least, a bit longer than a Cadillac Escalade. But looking at the photos, we can see that the company has done a tremendous job, this Tesla looks as if it just got out of the factory.

The main task on the hearse maker list was to replace the Tesla’s roof with an entirely new top body, complete with new B and C pillars, large glass windows, and a tailgate to facilitate the handling of the caskets. To make sure that the new structure is sturdy enough, they used a composite material.

Derks says that the car’s range was reduced to between 217 and 233 miles after modification, which is understandable considering the added weight and the altered aerodynamics. The reduced range shouldn’t be an issue though, Hearses don’t need to travel that much, and they usually drive at low speeds and stay idle for longer times.

The interior resting area is well-designed too, the company made sure to include a cozy space surrounded by electric curtains from all sides, which is a necessary detail to ensure a decent level of discretion and dignity. Derks also offers an array of options when it comes to lighting, the LED light configuration is up to the funeral houses. The customization options extend to the design of the flower racks and the floor layout. The design includes some hearse-specific mechanical details, like the sliding floor that further facilitates the handling of the casket, in addition to subtle side doors designed to offer additional storage space.

The price tag of this unique effort from Derks is not yet clear, but comparable offerings on the company’s lineup are priced at €113,950 (approx. $122,000), a moderate price for such meticulous work.

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