ElectricElectric land rover defender is coming much earlier than expected



All-electric. Everyone's got to have it. Or that's how it will seem once Land Rover announces the production of an electric Defender in 2025.


It's been a long time coming, but Land Rover will soon unveil an all-electric Defender — one of its most popular models — as early as 2025. The first models are expected to be on sale in 2025 and reach customers a year later.

The latest news on the new Land Rover Defender comes from Auto Express. The publication reports that the SUV's midlife refresh will be brought forward by two years, with fully electric variants (90, 110, and 130) set to arrive much earlier than expected. To clarify, the electric Defender will use a new platform developed by Jaguar Land Rover Advanced Engineering, MLA Flex platform, which is built to support both electric and internal combustion engine powertrains.



defenderElectric land rover defender is coming much earlier than expected



The latest Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models are already under the wing of MLA Flex, which will power the electrified versions of both vehicles in 2024. Since the Defender is one of the most iconic cars in history, its midlife refresh is quite unusual for the industry; however, the platform switch won't change much about the exterior design or dimensions of the car. According to sources, the new model will boast a battery with around 100 kWh and a 300-mile range.

It should be noted that this change to electrification has been made because of the growing popularity of electric vehicles among consumers. In recent years, the number of electric cars on the road has grown at a rapid pace, but they still only make up a very small percentage of total car sales in many countries around the world. However, with more manufacturers committing to offering electric models and drivers demanding them more often than ever before, it's becoming clear that this segment could grow significantly over time.

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