coverking facebook customer custom car cover silver guard

Coverking takes great pride in customer satisfaction, and many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with Coverking's products through Facebook. Each customer has a story to tell. Particularly, the story of Harry from Santa Barbara, CA has caught Coverking's attention.

"Received our cover for our 2011 Honda Element. It fits like a glove and has a very quality construction. I have two other cars in need of new covers, a 1938 Ford woodie street rod and a 1976 Porsche Turbo Carrera. I will be ordering Coverking for these two cars."

Coverking believes that a quality vehicle requires quality protection. And Harry made a very wise decision by purchasing a custom Silverguard Plus cover for this Honda Element. This rugged fabric is designed to reflect UV rays while shielding the vehicle from natural and man-made hazards. Silverguard Plus also includes a plush, non-abrasive inner lining to pamper the finish of Harry's Element. And that quality protection won't just be for Harry's element. Once he orders for his Porsche and Ford Woodie, Coverking will protect them both as well.

Coverking's products are made for motorists from all walks of life. Coverking would love to hear your story too. Visit Coverking's Facebook page for more and shop online at Coverking's website.