coverking facebook customer photo custom frost shield

Coverking takes great pride in customer satisfaction, and many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with Coverking's products through Facebook. Each customer has a story to tell. Particularly, the story of Ray of Pearl, MI has caught Coverking's attention.

"We use the CoverKing Custom Frost Shields on our audio competition vehicles as a windshield black out to eliminate distractions for the audio judges and to display our company logo."

While Ray and the people at Linear Power have found a very clever use for their Coverking Custom Frost Shield, their vehicles will continue to benefit outside of audio competition. Designed to fit your specific make and model, Coverking’s Frost Shield fits tightly and securely against your vehicle’s windshield, preventing moisture from seeping onto its surface, for a clear frost- and fog-free view every time.

Coverking's products are made for motorists from all walks of life. Coverking would love to hear your story too. Visit Coverking's Facebook page for more and shop online at Coverking's website.