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Coverking takes great pride in customer satisfaction, and many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with Coverking's products through Facebook. Each customer has a story to tell. Particularly, the story of Rick Stanton of Mount Pleasant, SC has caught Coverking's attention.

"Just couldn't get rid of my old Suburban, we wore the leather seats out and I had been looking for a solution... Tried several "seat covers" but they were all junk! Until I found Coverking at a display in the Tire Center at my WalMart! These coves are AWESOME!!!"

Coverking understands how tough it is for motorists to part with reliable vehicles-- like the case of Rick and his Suburban. Although worn seats can be a real eyesore, reupholstery can cost a fortune. And Rick made an excellent choice with Coverking's custom Neoprene seat covers. This sleek, waterproof material protects against dirt, moisture, spills and more. Neoprene is a bright and sporty interior enhancement that will surely keep Rick's Suburban looking good as new for years to come.

Coverking's products are made for motorists from all walks of life. Coverking would love to hear your story too. Visit Coverking's Facebook page for more and shop online at Coverking's website.