coverking facebook customer custom car cover stormproof

Coverking takes great pride in customer satisfaction, and many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with Coverking's products through Facebook. Each customer has a story to tell. Particularly, the story of Serge from Saint-Lazare, Quebec has caught Coverking's attention.

"Elle fait comme un gant pour protéger des chauds rayons de la Floride." ("She fits like a glove to protect from the warm rays of Florida.")

Serge's words are true in just about any language. Coverking's Stormproof vehicle covers are engineered to be inherently water-resistant. it is also built to protect against UV rays as well as hazards both natural and man-made. Whether he's dealing with the warm rays of Florida or the cold chills of Quebec, he can count on his Coverking Stormproof cover to protect his vehicle from the elements.

Coverking's products are made for motorists from all walks of life. Coverking would love to hear your story too. Visit Coverking's Facebook page for more and shop online at Coverking's website.