coverking facebook customer photo custom car cover silver guard

Coverking takes great pride in customer satisfaction, and many of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with Coverking's products through Facebook. Each customer has a story to tell. Particularly, the story of Hawaiian resident Stephen has caught Coverking's attention.

"This is the second CoverKing purchased for my 2003 Tacoma. It sits under the Hawaiian tropical weather 365 days a year. The condition of my truck is immaculate."

Living in Hawaii, Stephen is no stranger to its unpredictable weather-- from blazing heat to terrible storms. And he's picked the right cover to protect his Tacoma from the elements. Keeping your vehicle in "immaculate" condition 365 days a year is tough no matter where you live, but Coverking will make the job a lot easier.

Coverking's products are made for motorists from all walks of life. Coverking would love to hear your story too. Visit Coverking's Facebook page for more and shop online at Coverking's website.