factionFaction debuts driverless delivery cars in san francisco



San Francisco-based delivery company, Faction, has announced the introduction of its self-driving vehicles into its delivery fleet.


The company is rolling out a fleet of autonomous delivery vehicles in San Francisco, California. By combining autonomous vehicle technology with remote human teleoperation, it hopes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the delivery process. The result is a fully automated solution that brings the convenience and security of the new technology to traditional delivery scenarios.

Fraction’s solution is designed to improve upon existing delivery services providing same-day deliveries in the area while reducing costs, as well as increasing safety standards. The company has already debuted its first partnership, Cocola Bakery, which is using Faction to deliver to its customers. As a consequence, the new delivery system will help them save money on delivery costs, increase efficiency, and deliver more goods at once.

“Cocola Bakery and our customers have been ecstatic with the services Faction has provided us so far,”. “We are now able to quickly, affordably, and reliably deliver our products to customers around the Bay Area, something we couldn’t easily accomplish before due to inconsistent gig-worker services.” CEO of Cocola Bakery, Amir Aliabadi announced.

The vehicles will be based on three-wheel EV platforms that have been designed specifically for use in urban environments and have been tested extensively in urban areas. These vehicles have been engineered with safety features that include collision avoidance systems, lane departure warning systems, high-definition cameras and sensors, automatic emergency braking systems, and more. Overall, Faction’s DriveLink and TeleAssist technologies that allow the company’s vehicles to carry out deliveries autonomously, but with remote human teleoperation. The company is also developing technology that allows for a fully automated fleet of delivery vehicles.

“We’re achieving our cost and delivery targets while securing the data necessary to bring Faction and our technology to more partners in the coming year. The next phase is to make our services available to additional commercial customers in the Bay Area – restaurant chains, hardware stores, auto parts stores, and others – to maximize the use of our operating fleet while streamlining delivery in an affordable, reliable, and seamless way.”. stated Faction CEO, Ain McKendrick.

Given these points, the future of automated driving and the delivery truck industry is slowly coming to the light. Faction's focus on driverless delivery is a positive step towards an autonomous future for all kinds of carriers, which could improve environmental sustainability, costs, and safety.

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