In order to keep up with criminal activities, the Czech police enlisted the help of a new supercar, a Ferrari 458.

Cars are getting faster and more powerful with each passing day, and criminal organizations are using that to their advantage by relying upon new impressive machines more frequently. So, law enforcement agencies sometimes find themselves on the back foot when it comes to equipment, lagging behind those wealthy enough to use a supercar in their unlawful activities.

The Czech Police is having none of that. Determined to have the upper hand in every engagement, it has successfully converted a confiscated Ferrari 458 into an awesome cop car.

We’re all familiar with the existing animosity between supercar drivers and cops. That’s why turning a Ferrari 458 into a crime-fighting vehicle is a big deal.

The car’s previous owner procured it using “crooked” ways. Instead of destroying it like other crime-related hardware, the Czech police saw the car as a special trophy, deciding to integrate it into the police force despite the added modification cost.


Ferrari 458 Becomes Crime-Fighting Cop Car


The Ferrari 458 will be exclusively driven by the highly trained task force of the Czech Republic's Special Surveillance Department, and its main missions will include chasing the most aggressive drivers on Czech highways and surveillance around suspected tuning events locations.

The conversion cost $14,000 in addition to $5,000 in service fees, but looking at the final result we can say that it was all worth it.

Most of the money went to the custom paint job and equipping it with an advanced police camera, radio, warning light system, and a speed gun. At the time of confiscation, the car was in good shape and has covered 1,243 miles only so no important repairs were needed.

The Ferrari 458 Italia runs on a naturally-aspirated 4.5-liter V8 engine, which means it enjoys 562 horsepower, a 0 to 60 mph time of 3.4 seconds, and a top speed of 202 mph. more than enough to take out any reckless driver on European roads.

The Czech police said in the same statement that confiscating such special vehicles is not a rare event. Last year only a staggering 900 exotic cars have been processed, where they were either destroyed or auctioned off.

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