The Ferrari Roma spider has resurfaced in a recent video without camouflage, and it looks ready for production.

Roma is a unique Ferrari car, being one of the most affordable models, comparatively, while at the same time packing decent horsepower. But is this entry-level coupe going into production anytime soon?

Compared to the first concept that we saw a few years back, the Roma we saw in the video has no roof. Happy news for fresh air lovers.

Another positive aspect is that The Ferrari Roma will be able to have multiple engine options, thanks to its scalable nature. Ferrari engineers have already used it as a test mule for multiple engines and car models, like the V12 that will most likely be used for the upcoming model replacing the Ferrari 812.

The video itself shows what looks like two versions of the car, the first one is a camouflaged roof-on Ferrari Roma, what gave it away under the heavy camouflage is the unmistakable rear light design. What makes us think that it’s the new Roma spider is the new roofline design.


Spied Ferrari is Building a Stunning Roma Spider


The second one is the most obvious of the two, with dropped camouflage we can see that it’s definitely a Ferrari Roma with some new interesting details, especially on the backside.

The car’s rear has been obviously redesigned, adding new panels perhaps to support the folding roof system. There’s no clear proof if the car will have a retractable hardtop like the Portofino or just a soft folding one, only time would tell, the other visible difference is apparently hidden under the tapped-out nose, perhaps another aesthetic addition, differentiating between the two versions of the car.

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