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Ford F-100 Eluminator Pickup, a cool classic with the most modern electric drive should encourage imagination for everyone, including manufacturers. Ford presented a very special concept vehicle at the last US tuning fair SEMA Show and thus gave a foretaste of future possibilities.

The basis of the Ford Eluminator is actually a Ford F-100 (precursor to the F-150) from 1978, and now it is powered by the brand new Ford Performance Parts Eluminator electric crate engine instead of a V6 or V8.


The Design


Ford Motor Company


At first glance, you could assume that (aside from the chassis) we are actually dealing with a normal classic F-100 from Ford. On closer inspection, however, one notices the loading flap on the front left fender in addition to the missing exhaust pipe. Then you realize what exactly you have in front of you. Namely, a real Ford legend without any emissions.

The F-100 Eluminator concept, designed and developed by Ford Performance, was built in collaboration with MLe Racecars and sits on a custom Roadster Shop chassis. The vehicle shines in Avalanche Gray with Cerakote copper accents, painted by Brand X Customs.

Completing this is tForgeline billet aluminum wheels shod with Michelin Latitude Sport high-performance tires. Except for the 19-inch, three-piece retro-look aluminum rims with 275/45 tires and a full lowering, the F-100 is almost original. The gray finish with copper-colored accents is stylish and matches the concept.


The Interior

Ford M

Ford Motor Company


The interior is wrapped in dark leather with again also copper-colored elements. The rotary control for the transmission has been integrated into the newly drawn-in center console with an armrest and large storage compartment, cup holders, and a wireless charging compartment.

Above that, on the dashboard, is a huge touchscreen for further operation. A similarly designed range indicator replaces the classic tape speedometer. The interior features a billet aluminum dashboard by JJR Fabrication and avocado-tanned leather upholstery by MDM Upholstery. Controls and fittings were taken from the Ford Mustang Mach-E. 


The Power


Ford Motor Company


Crate engines, i.e., complete retrofit engines for resto-mods, hot rod conversions, or dragsters, are part of the normal delivery portfolio of the large US car manufacturers. Ford currently mainly offers V8 engines with displacements of up to 7.3 liters and up to 580 hp. The only exception is the 2.3-liter Eco Boost turbo four-cylinder with 310 hp.

However, the range was expanded for SEMA 2021 – with the first electric motor. The Eluminator (Ford also has an aluminum V8 on offer that goes by the name Aluminator) baptized electric drive comes from the Ford Mach-E GT in the Performance Edition and brings 210 kW and 431 Nm to the start. The installation length is given as 570 millimeters.

To give customers an idea of ​​what to do with the Eluminator, Ford built the F-100 Eluminator concept car for SEMA. The completely restored 1978 F-100 pickup was equipped with two Eluminator motors - one per axle. Ford states 353 kW (480 hp) and 860 Nm as the total output in this configuration. In addition, the oldie becomes an all-wheel drive vehicle.




Ford Motor Company


It should be clear to everyone that this show car is a one-off that will probably never go into series production. Rather, the Ford F-100 Eluminator Concept is intended to encourage imitation, since Ford is pursuing the strategy of selling the modules of an electric engine without vehicles attached.

The Eluminator engine was already available to order in November 2021 (part number M-9000-MACH-E) from authorized Ford parts dealers or online from Ford Performance Parts at a price of US$3,900. According to the manufacturer, however, the first batch is said to have been sold out after a short time. Currently, however, there seems to be new units again, but now at an increased price of 4,340 US dollars.

All in all, the Ford concept is extremely interesting. After all, private hobbyists or small series manufacturers can electrify their vehicles (regardless of whether they are young or old) themselves. However, only the electric motor can currently be purchased from Ford, along with other components such as power electronics, batteries and controls, etc. but should follow.

Many rely on Tesla's battery pack with very few off-the-shelf full conversion solutions currently available. But if Ford manages to offer a complete kit (à la plug-and-play) that makes EV conversion much easier, the whole thing could become really popular.




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