The new Ford F-150 lightning has been making a lot of positive noise lately. And now after a few weeks of its release, it’s time to examine it up close from an economic perspective.

The Ford F-150 is a resounding success for Ford, with a ton of positive feedback from customers and critics alike, the first Ford EV full-size truck is loaded with new features and technologies that make life a lot easier, especially for workers and companies who are always in need of a robust reliable truck. In addition to all that, the F-150 Lightning is affordable to purchase and rather cheap to run, thanks to its reliance on electric power.

But is it that cost-efficient? how does it compare to regular ICE F-150s?


Ford F-150


To calculate that precisely, a fuel savings calculator had to be used. And the result indicated that the overall cost after 10 years and 165.000 miles, is set at $11,070 or $1,107 per year. Calculated based on current electricity prices.

To put that into perspective, a similar gas-powered F-150 would need $43,330 to run for the same period, that’s a $32,260 difference. We should note here that the calculated cost does not take into consideration public charging fees, but that shouldn’t make much of a difference as studies indicate that the overwhelming majority of EV owners prefer to charge their vehicles at home.

One other detail that escapes this study is the maintenance cost, an aspect that’s impossible to calculate as the truck has only recently entered service.

But as an educated guess, we can safely say that the maintenance cost would be extremely low compared to an ICE counterpart, simply because electric powertrains are simpler and have fewer components. So, there’s not much that can go wrong under the hood of a Lightning.

The current F-150 lightning production run is entirely sold-out, potential buyers should wait for a few more months before ordering the newest addition to Ford’s line-up.

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