As expected, the first-ever electric ford truck has known outstanding success. the brand and the truck name were enough for customers to empty the stock even before the official start of production.

Nearly 200.000 customers have placed their orders since Ford opened the reservations gates on its official website, effectively taking the F-150 lightning out of stock and forcing Ford to halt reservations until further notice. 

Customers were informed of this through a short notice on Ford’s website saying: “Due to high demand, the current model year is no longer available for retail order. Contact your dealer for more information.”

Costumers still can choose their preferred options and build their custom truck, but the order option at the end is no longer available, the only options are to save the custom build or sign up for updates.

However, impatient truck lovers still have another option to get their F-150 lightning. Although a more expensive one. Apparently, dealership stocks have not dried up yet, customers can get their new F-150 there but with the additional cost of around $5.000.



Ford F-150 Lightning Sold Out For 2022 Before Production Begins


This is absolutely a spectacular success for ford and the new electric F-150. Further proving the bright future ahead of EVs and more importantly proving the great trust existing between customers and the blue oval.

Production of the 2022 F-150 Lightning started on April 26, 2022. In a special EV dedicated section of the Rouge Complex in Dearborn.

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