The future is finally here. Ford has unveiled its new Ford Charge Station Pro, a bi-directional home charging station that provides backup power and may effectively replace a generator or Tesla Powerwall. 

As the world moves toward renewable energy, there's a growing need for an on-demand power supply. This new charging station will work with the upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck, which can act as backup power in case of an outage, and could potentially replace your need for a home generator or home battery pack. The truck will transmit power back to power a home, another car and almost anything else that can be plugged into it.





Ford’s Charge station Pro is officially available at a surprisingly good price, it will serve as a charging station as well as a bi-directional charger. It’s obvious that the new charging station is not like any average wall charger, with twice the capacity of the common charger at 80 amp of max current, the station will add almost 30 miles of range per hour to the F-150 Lightning Extended Range and 19 miles per hour for F-150 Standard Range. 

On the other hand, when connected with Ford's Home Integration System during installation, the system can provide up to 9.6 kW to your home.

Ford has long been at the forefront of innovation, by upgrading its electric vehicle charging stations, the company has made a significant step toward making electric automobiles a more viable option for consumers. 

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