FordFord seeks patent for remote control tech






Ford is filing a patent for a new technology that allows for remote control on future car models.


The push for fully autonomous vehicles never stops, and carmakers are constantly coming up with new technologies that pull us closer to that once-so-distant dream.  Autonomous cruising on highways, automatic parking and smart safety systems have all become normalized in a significant portion of new car models. Following the same spirit, Ford is working on a new remote-control technology that will allow drivers to control their cars through smartphones, but before you get too excited, this new feature will not allow the car to drive itself for long distances without a driver, not yet anyway. It will, however, allow the driver to perform limited maneuvers while being outside the vehicle.

This is most beneficial when a trailer is attached to the vehicle. Backing up with a trailer can be extremely complicated, especially for inexperienced drivers. Steering both car and trailer into the required position demands a lot of skill and attention. The new feature will allow drivers to perform complicated maneuvers while monitoring everything from outside the vehicle. Simply by steering and sending orders via their phones.

According to Ford Authority, Ford filed a patent, detailing the outlines of the new technology. As it’s customary with these patent files, the details are not specified, only a description of the concept is available. So only time will show the truth about Ford's innovation.

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