FordFord offers eight tips for maximizing ev range as winter approaches



Ford is trying to help its customers by sharing a list of tips that can help EV owners to improve their cars’ range during winter.

Winter is here! Although the cold affects all cars, the temperature drop is known to be the electric cars' number one enemy. Several studies and tests have shown that cold weather conditions can reduce EV battery capacity by as much as 50 percent, which is worrisome for electric car owners who still need to move around during the long winter months.

This fact puts the new Ford F-150 lightning under the spotlight again, the new truck was received positively by critics and the public alike. But the cold season constitutes a new difficult test for the truck, and everyone is waiting to see how the first Ford electric truck would fare.

Ford, for its part, has its fingers crossed and wants to make sure that the F-150 lightning doesn’t make any bad headlines in the coming few months. As an additional precaution, the carmaker published a list of tips that would help EV owners in general, and Lightning owners, in particular, to squeeze as much range as possible from their batteries.




FordFord offers eight tips for maximizing ev range as winter approaches



Starting with generalities, Ford advised drivers to keep their vehicles inside as much as possible, garage walls would constitute an effective isolating barrier that would keep the batteries at acceptable temperatures, preventing severe performance reduction. Related to that, Ford urged drivers to keep their cars plugged in while parked inside, this way, the battery will always be at maximum capacity whenever the driver needs it.

Getting down to the details, drivers are advised to keep the heating turned off while parked to avoid draining the battery. When driving, drivers should use the seat and steering wheel heaters instead of turning on the HVAC system because it uses less power and produces similar results.

One final important measure can be classified as common sense, Ford advised EV owners to get rid of snow and ice before taking off. The accumulation of snow over the vehicle would constitute an additional load that requires more energy consumption to support, it also sucks up the heat from the cabin and presents a safety hazard to other drivers, especially on highways.   

There’s no escape from the cold, but following these measures will certainly make the winter season easier for EV owners. 

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