fordFord dhl electric delivery vans specs details



DHL delivery fleet will receive more than 2000 all-electric delivery vans from Ford. The global vehicle services and distribution branch, Ford pro, will manage the transaction.


An initial agreement was signed between Deutsche Post DHL and Ford pro to provide the postal delivery company with more than 2000 new pure-electric vans. The goal of this new deal is to help DHL meet its electrification goals and hopefully become the largest zero-emission postal delivery corporation.

Ford and DHL will proceed gradually, starting with North America and Europe, with the eventual goal of extending the electrification effort to a global arena; this was clear in the agreement script, which stated that the shared goal of the two companies is to reduce emissions from delivery vehicles "around the globe."

Ford will immediately get to work in order to meet the end of 2023 deadline, upon which 2000 vehicles should be already working in DHL’s American and European delivery fleets. The chosen vehicle is the new two-ton E-Transit model, which will come standard with Ford pro’s connected E-Telematics software and charging solutions. These systems will facilitate the management, charging, and maintenance of the new electric fleet.

Running EV fleets is rather new, that’s why companies and carmakers are gathering as much information as possible during these first pilot endeavors, and Ford intends on doing the same in this new agreement with DHL. Gathering information during the early stages will be used to develop new products and services for Deutsche Post DHL Group, just like it did before when it designed custom boxes for DHL delivery vans working in certain German cities.

This is not DHL’s first experience with electric vans, the company bought 2500 electric Ford Transit vans in 2017 and another 100 converted by Lightning eMotors in 2021. The postal delivery service currently runs almost 2700 electric vehicles around the world, mainly in Bulgaria, Belgium, Czechia, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the UK.

The latest massive E-Transit purchase will help the company reach its ambitious goal of raising the ratio of its carbon-neutral vehicles in its fleet to 60 percent by 2030.

Fleet operating companies are gradually shifting toward electric mobility, the trend is becoming more obvious with such announcements getting more frequent lately. FedEx, Amazon, and DHL only solidify this transformation.

The e-Transit electric van is currently sold for $55,585 and has a range of 126 miles.

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