Ford's Outback-Esque Fusion Active Wagon Ford's Outback-Esque Fusion Active Wagon Spotted with Production Body


Ford has made no secret of its desire to capitalize on the success of the Subaru Outback. The automaker is reviving the Fusion name for an all-new utility vehicle that will compete with Subaru Outback and other popular crossover vehicles. The Fusion Active is slated to replace the Edge as Ford's mid-size crossover vehicle.

The new Fusion has been spotted several times in recent months, but it was never clear what its final form would be like until now. It features a high-riding body style that leans toward the wagon segment while falling squarely into the crossover category.

The Fusion Active is likely to come standard with all-wheel drive. Ford has not released official details about the model yet, it is expected to boast a standard hybrid powertrain. Optional engines could include a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four or an EcoBoost V-6 engine.


Ford's Outback-Esque Fusion Active Wagon

Ford's Outback-Esque Fusion Active Wagon Spotted with Production Body


Ford's new model is based on the same platform as the global-market Mondeo and Evos models, so we may expect a styling similar to those cars' modern new faces, with thin headlights.

Fusion Active is expected to be released a 2023 year model, meaning it could debut this year or the next. Its price is estimated to start at around $35,000.[1]

Ford seems to have struck a nice balance. We're interested in seeing if the final product will meet the expectation. For now, however, this is definitely an SUV that lots of people will consider in the future.


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