Tesla expands its advanced full self-driving system (FSDB) to all North American Tesla models.


The decision was made public by the Boss himself. A recent tweet from Elon Musk announced that drivers who have purchased the (FSDB) software package can now simply install it on their cars via the infotainment system. The tweet also congratulated Tesla’s self-driving development team on this important achievement.

So, what is FSDB, and what’s so special about it?

Full Self-Driving Beta is Tesla’s version of an autonomous driving system, it relies on an extensive camera system to offer drivers steering assistance, and independent driving to certain locations. The system can also read traffic lights and stop signs. The system received several enhancements since its launch, the latest of which is this month’s major update.



FullFull self driving beta extended to all north american Tesla customers



Tesla owners have shown a lot of interest in the self-driving system. Demand for it was and still is high on a lot of Tesla car models, like Model 3, X, Y, and S, despite all the controversy that enveloped the system. Since the start of this year, a number of questionable accidents involving Tesla cars have put into question the system’s effectiveness in real-life situations. Tesla defended itself in all instances, and to its credit, the system saved lives in a lot of other situations.

The new decision can be interpreted as Tesla’s solution to all of these current issues and to prevent future ones as well. The implementation of the FSDB on all eligible car models will ensure that the majority of Tesla’s fleet is well-equipped to keep passengers and pedestrians safe.

Tesla is not alone in the autonomous driving sector, a lot of major carmakers are pushing for the implementation of advanced autonomous driving systems in all car models, judging that AI systems will make far better drivers than human beings.

But until we get 100% reliable autonomous driving technology, drivers are urged to keep their eyes on the road, and at least one hand on the driving wheel. 

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