Fully loadedFully loaded tesla semi completes 500 mile journey



The new Tesla Semi has hit a new milestone, Musk announced that it has successfully completed a 500-Mile Journey while fully loaded.


Before this date, the 500-mile range was just a theoretical presumption coming from Tesla offices, but now after a successful trial run, the number has suddenly become a concrete reality.

According to Elon Musk's tweet, the Tesla Semi completed a 500-mile run on a single charge, while pulling an 81,000-pound load. The truck was equipped with the larger battery pack option, totaling 1,000 kWh.

Musk took the opportunity to congratulate the Tesla Semi development team, but he refrained from disclosing more details about the test run or the truck itself.

Tesla's website has previously shared some performance details about the Semi, it clearly stated that the 500 miles range is achievable with an 82,000 pounds load while equipped with a fully charged 1,000 kWh battery pack.



teslaFully loaded tesla semi completes 500 mile journey



Another version of the truck is available with a smaller 600-kWh battery, and a 300-mile range. Tesla pointed out that fast charging can replenish 70 percent of the total battery capacity in about 30 minutes. Furthermore, the estimated fuel saving is calculated at about $200,000 in the span of three years. This combination of time and fuel efficiency should make the Semi truck extremely appealing to fleet operators around the country.

One small detail that might have escaped our attention earlier, is the conditions under which Tesla conducted its tests. Apparently, the 500-mile range is calculated based on highway speeds and on flat terrain, which is not always the case in real-life situations. Certainly, truckers would love to know how much the terrain variations would affect the truck’s range and acceleration.

But in any case, this remains a huge achievement for the EV manufacturer, especially when you consider the long and rocky road that the truck had to undergo since its first debut 5 years ago in 2017.

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