GM Wants to Introduce a Transparent A-Pillar for Better Visibility


Many drivers are familiar with the obstruction created by the A-pillar—a structural pillar that functions as a divider between the windshield and passenger compartment. Newer cars tend to have thicker A-pillars in order to meet modern safety standards. Until cars are fully autonomous, the front-right blind spot caused by the "A" pillar remains a problem for drivers.

General Motors has devised a novel way of improving visibility from the inside of a vehicle. The company is proposing a fiber-reinforced composite A-pillar that has openings impregnated with transparent resin or composite. 

The patent suggests the opening should have a width of 3.15 inches and a height of 15.7 inches at most. To ensure good visibility at all times, the filing proposes that wires with a density of 0.5 watts per square inch can run through the transparent material to create a see-through wiring system for defoggers and deicers. A material that can be influenced by current could be used to control the opacity of a pillar during sunrise and sunset to maximize the visibility. The pillar could be reinforced with carbon fiber or similar material and built-in layers for greater stability.

Based on the research collected thus far, the proposed design feature appears to be safe within current safety standards, so, we can expect that it might be seriously considered for future GM products. As GM has sped up the production of its digital-era cars, like the Cadillac Lyriq and company, you can expect these inventions to be introduced relatively soon.


GM Wants to Introduce a Transparent A-Pillar for Better Visibility


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